Welcome to Pudge's
X-Plicit Darts
A website designed for
the Pittsburgh area dart

A lot of you know who I am and what I do.  For those that don't; I am an independent dart league
coordinator.  I will run leagues and tournaments for the vendors that don't have the capabilities to
do so (At no cost to the vendor).

I am creating this website so the players in the general Pittsburgh area can get information for
local leagues and  tournaments, travel tournaments, dart suppliers, as well as any leagues or
tournaments I am running.

There will be a calender page on the site that will enable the players to click on a date and find
league and  tournament information for a particular day regardless of vendor, location, or type of
darts (Soft/Steel).

I hope everyone finds this site useful and easy to navigate.  If anyone has any suggestions,
criticisms, or information my contact information is on the business card I have linked below.

Paul 'Pudge' Manculich
    X-Plicit Darts
And as always shoot well and have fun.

                                          Pudge X-Plict Darts Business card